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Dec 25 2008
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Pre-Ordeal and Ordeal

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History Occoneechee Lodge 104

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Arrow Ceremony for Vigil from pat smith Niganit Chapter
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Questions & Comments
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Vigil section ( What is Vigil?   Vigil Class    How nominate? )
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Sept 14, 2007
Carole Nicely being tap out for Vigil Honor the first female member the chapter.
Sept 15, 2007 Fall Ordeal
The information chapter CD well be out
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2000 Changes were made second time by Greg Carpenter and took over the chapter site.

1999 Moore District ( Moore County Boy Scout webpage ) thanks to site was add on here. Then in February 5, 2002 district site change the look and move to

April 1997 was nice to make space on there site and make the first Natisihi Chapter and with that they add a message board to. All of this would not have been possible with out and Phillip Laton.

3 Order of the Arrow shes
Native Americea flag
Q and A

What does the OA / Natisihi chapter do?

How do I sign up again in the chapter?

What is OA Troop Representative.

Information about NOAC?

What is NOAC about?

How much does an OA function cost?

Where do I find the humorous camp story?

And more Q and A

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